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The UTS Cyber Security Society are enthusiasts who take security to the next level. Take your step and protect yourself against security threats and hacky hacks.

Be safe. Be cyber.

We’re a University Information Security Society.

The UTS Cyber Security Society strives to promote cyber security at the University of Technology Sydney. Whether you're a student, industry professional, or someone in another field - we want to build a culture that makes us the leading hub of cyber security skills development. You could be a part of that.

You don't have to be studying an IT degree.

We don't believe in limiting ourselves to one discipline. With the modern reach of technology, cyber security literacy should be in every person's toolbox.

Our members share knowledge.

Our members are those who want to protect themselves, want to learn how hackers think, and want to know the difference between something which is secure and which is not.

Want to become cyber?

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Our Events

At CSEC, we want our members to develop professionally and personally through the learning of lifelong skills, for university and beyond.

Every year we organise a suite of events. These include -

~ Beginner and Intermediate technical workshops

~ Capture the Flag (CTF) challenges, for Beginners to Advanced

~ Socials, Screenings, Show and Tell

~ Advanced technical seminars

- Travel to security talks and conventions around Australia

~ Informational sessions to demystify the buzz around 'Cyber'

  • 0x01 - O'Day & BSides Canberra

  • 0x02 - Intro to CTF + Kali Install Party

  • 0x03 - CTF Walkthrough + Movie Night

  • 0x04 - Hacking Python [Basics to Scripting]

  • 0x05 - Hacker Hangout

  • 0x06 - XSS to Sucesss

  • STUVAC - Overnight CTF Party

  • 0x07 - Hacker Hangout

  • 0x08 - Hacker Hangout

  • 0x09 - Hacker Hangout

  • 0x10 - Hacker Hangout

  • 0x11 - Hacker Hangout

  • 0x12 - Hacker Hangout

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Our 2019 Team


Helen Jia



Larry Zektser

Vice President


Mamoon Azam



Darshil Shah



Michael Fedulov

Director of Operations


Jai Ghorpade

Director of Partnerships


Luke Fuehrer

Director of Education


Bronwyn Mercer

Head of Diversity and Culture


Jason Ko

Director of Communication


Andre, Brendon & Max

General Committee


Andy, Harry, Geoff & Andrew

General Committee


Jasjit, Chris, Mitchell & Ian

General Committee

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The Cyber Security Society (CSEC) strives to promote cyber security at UTS by helping its students become aware of the importance of cyberspace in response to the world’s increasing reliance on technology and data. Students are given ample opportunities and resources to learn about varying concepts in cyber security regardless of their skill and knowledge; they are encouraged to develop their competence in cyber security through the promotion of teamwork, collaboration and the mutual respect for each other within the community.

Address: 15 Broadway, Ultimo NSW 2007
Email: CyberSecurity@activateuts.com.au
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